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Element Kuuda
Le Village
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1Extrait : La Trache  Preview  
2La tempete  Preview  
3Le grand heron  Preview  
4Le ruisseau  Preview  
5La civilisation: Le village  Preview  

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ELEMENT KUUDA promise a gentle, sensational, auditory experience that is not devoid of quality melodies but remains suitable for fans of textural, long-from instrumental work. While working with loops, samples and drones, Christian Richer is sure to impart a real musicianship into his tracks that lovers of both traditional, ambient electronic music and also formalists dabbling in noise variations can likewise enjoy. Comes packaged in silk-screened, eco-friendly sleeve featuring top-notch design.

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CKXU 88.3fm
WSHC 89.7fm
CFBX 92.5fm
CHSR 97.9fm
CJSW 90.9fm
CKUT 91.7fm


Despite its Tolkein-esque artwork, "Le Village" is not a folkish paean to Middle Earth. Instead, Montreal-based Element Kuuda (that's Christian Richer to his friends and family) blends field recordings, subtle synths, wind instruments and stuttering electronics to create an organic sound that at times, comes across like a snapshot of German pioneers Tangerine Dream.

The element of water seems integral to "Le Village's" flow; it runs through it like a steady stream, passing through several tracks. At odds with the fast-paced nature of today's society, "Le Village" possesses an earthy sensibility that creates an atmosphere of isolation.

There aren't any particularly memorable melody hooks or, indeed, any lavish song structures, but when subtle vocals and gorgeous clarinet sounds crop up in tracks like "La Civilization Le Village", it serves to create an intriguing listen. Despite a tendency to meander into the abstract on occasion, Element Kuuda's organic ambient sound design comes recommended.

-Michael Henaghan, Angry Ape