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Michael Winter
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$5.00 [Buy]

1Guelph  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
2Holum Fiber  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
3Nudity   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
4Glial Twitter   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
5The Arsenal Of Democracy   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
6Empty Field Myopia   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
7Klee   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
8Pause And Probability   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
9Salt Vein   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
10The Grox   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
11Delpse   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
12Qoqum Relaspe   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
13A Vast Glimpse   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]

Klee comes packaged in a amaray case with a slab of slate featuring the artist's original photography. One of a kind, limited availablity. sold out, now download only.

thank you to 89.7 fm WSHC for the rotation and support of Klee.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and engineer is no easy task in this age of Orwellian soundscapes but Michael's talent easily emerges due to his skills in subtle editing, multi-tracking and mixing. His project, MAOII kicks off a revolution in minimalist composition and electronic music as the power of positivity rejuvinates a form dominated by dreariness. The future of electronic music is found here.