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Various Artists
M2: Reconstructions
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1greenie2600 - Acid Taco   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
2cyberCHUMP - Boogie Caravan   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
3Smartey Jonez - The Phreakness   Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
4Missionslang - Medicine Thing Dog  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
5Foxbludd - Fullforce  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
6Chris Moore - I Feel Your Pain  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
7Faze Audio - Centipede  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
8Sanjay - Remixcomp  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
9Dj Brer Rabbit - Out of Nowhere  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
10BurnMo Productions - X  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
11Missionslang - Wide Awake Thing Then  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
12Seiss - Nautical Bark  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
13Natrul - re, ix  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
14Sheldon Drake - Sier  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]
15Patrick Slusher - Well Wishes  Preview $0.99 [Buy MP3]

The idea for this compilation started with a live performance by a band of musician friends who came together one evening for an explorational jam of improvised acoustic and electronic music.

The artists on this compilation started with loops and samples from recordings of that performance. They have 'reconstructed' entirely new works, each in their own style.

Cover art by inimitable Lars Wigren.