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Night Echoes
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These five rolling, instrumental tracks explore a wide range of dynamics while incorporating elements of ambient, jazz & electronic music. The depth of the songs is apparent with the very first listen. After repeated spins, the finer details are revealed.


"Mode 7 consists of 4 musicians playing drums, bass, guitar, vintage organ and effects live in a small studio. The background noises of the night have been mixed into the sound to create a sort of eerie feel. The musicians apparently come from a wide variety of backgrounds and the bio describes the music as post rock, whatever that is suppose to mean. Anyway, the CD features 5 untitled instrumentals, with the first being just 2 ˝ minutes of sounds in the background that make you search for something before the drums and instruments slowly, very slowly, creep into the mix as the bass gets more intense. The second track flows out of the first and continues the creeping journey into the darkness. The track really gets intense and quite psychedelic at times. It has a great raw open mix with clear drums, deep bass and cool guitars flowing into, over and out of the music. Track 3 is a happy free floating excursion into the early morning after a long night session…. That is how I feel… The fourth track never really went anywhere for me. The fifth and final track, again, a mellow floating piece, is quite beautiful and features mostly delay guitars with mellow bass lines and low percussion. Music made late at night for the late at night. Good night…"

-Scott Heller Aural Innovations

"Five untitled instrumentals, between two and twelve minutes. Slow, subtle music, somewhere between post-rock and ambient, with some improvisational jazz elements. Mode7 is a new name for me, judging from the names of this four-piece I assume they are from Israel. They have a standard rock line-up, with guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. Some piano sounds and special effects are aded to the mix. The music on this disc was recorded live in a late night jam session. Indeed the tracks seem to possess a certain spontaneity, without becoming chaotic or raw. The music sounds rather hazy and sleepy, psychedelic perhaps. On the longest, second track especially the loud drums are intense, as well as the extended layers of distorted guitar drones. My favourite piece is probably the slow and lazy third piece, which is very ethereal. A disc with some dynamic and intense music for patient listeners". - Funprox

"Four guys, in an ongoing jam session into the night, a bit of a psychedelic feeling is in the air, light touches of rock, and so on the music lives into the night, lead only by the endless natural flow, fills you, moves you, controls you.

That's the only way I could describe the feeling I got hearing this great CD by this Israeli foursome, Uri Tehelet plays the drums. Erik Ben Kalifa rules the bass, Nadav Katz leads the night with his guitar and vintage keys and Tal Trivish masters it all with his recordings and fx, together they create this post ambient rock filled with psychedelic moods and amazing atmosphere.

The feeling which drives this album is the perfectly natural flowing of things, there is always something happening, and yet it is still very fresh, atmospheric, soothing and relaxing, you can actually fill the pure sound, freedom, as If every note was made just so it could be played where it is.

The album is compiled of 5 tracks, exploring the wide range of jazz, psychedelic, post ambient. Glimpses of soft rock, a bit of electronic, all kinds of dynamic mind blowing games, and still hypnotizing spacey, feeling.

You can hear the depth and uniqueness at first hearing, in hearings to come, all kinds of sounds, fills, and other happenings start floating, making it even better then before.

This album can be easily categorized as another mood album, though it's much more than that, and words can't even explain it, when the mood is right, it will touch in all the right places and it guarantees satisfaction."

-Roy Povarchik Alternative-Zine

"This disc is subtitled "Five Untitled Instrumentals." And that's exactly what you get, five whirling swirling wah-drenched and delay soaked pieces of varying lengths recorded live to tape - at night. While there are similarities to Godspeed You Black Emperor and bands of that ilk, but Mode 7 hold up quite well. Unlike lot of the GSYBE wannabe bands they have a really good grasp of dynamics and know when to let the songs go. Nice."- Neddal Ayad Foxy Digitalis


"West Virginia's Magnanimous Records continues to impress with their special brand of unusual ambient experimentalism. Much of the stuff from the label ain't for your "average" indiepop lovin' ear, but that's fine and dandy with us. You just gotta be in the right mood to get into it sometimes. This latest CD we got by Mode 7 entitled Night Echoes starts off with "2:28" (the songs are all untitled instrumentals named only by their running lengths) which employs a simply cavernous reverb to bathe snare-driven drums and simmering, spacey guitar. The tempo is mostly laid back, which is something I sort of enjoyed... a lot of instrumental bands tend toward the beat-driven, like Tortoise. That isn't a bad thing, but I tend to dig these relaxed "thought-instrumentals" more than the drum machine driven ones. Some parts of the songs reminded me of the Autumns (minus the singing of course) or Yo La Tengo's moodier jams, with a bit of Album Leaf/Tristeza thrown in there for good measure. I also dig the restrained use of keyboard sounds... instead of trying to upstage the songs, the little synth quips like those on "5:05" act more like tantalization for the taste buds. The bass is pretty thoughtful, and similarly conscious of its place in musical space.

Although this is definitely the type of album jam you'd put on late at night as more of a mood setter, I really like the fact that it has that post-rock modern feel and doesn't tend toward the standard "you take a solo, i take a solo" methodology that haunts blues-rock jam travesties. We get a lot of those experiments for some reason and I really hate those type of jams. But the majestic experiments that Mode 7 oozes out prove to be as rich and decadent as apple pie a la mode at a slow late night diner. Order up... and take your time." -Shorty Shmat