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moljebka pvlse

Moljebka Pvlse is Mathias Josefson, an artist, composer and recent graduate of the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm. With Moljebka Pvlse he has collaborated with several other sound artists such as Kotra from Ukraine, Horologium from Poland and Seventeen Migs of Spring from Israel. For the past few years, Mathias has on many occasions extended Moljebka Pvlse to be a duo both on stage and record with the help of Karin Jacobson. Karin is a singer and percussionist of the band Les Issambres and part of the art-dou Projekt Kameleontkyss. She has also performed in many theatre shows. Over the years, Moljebka Pvlse has released over a dozen full length albums on many different labels, for example Drone Records, Taâlem, Some Place Else, Gears of Sand, Fifth Week Records, Mystery Sea, Cold Meat Industry, Fin De Siècle Media, Segerhuva and Topheth Prophet. Mathias also has an artist-run label called Isoramara, where he releases limited editions in handmade covers. Performing live is of great importance, and to this date Moljebka Pvlse has performed live in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine and the USA.

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